"With a song on life" painting of artist Ilya Petrov

On this site works of the artist in which he searches for connection of modern and classical musical-poetic plots, such as a song, an operetta and opera with images of antique and bible mythology are submitted. Using traditional motives in plots of old masters. In these multifigured compositions he applies expressive means, such different genres as an icon, the poster and Russian lubok. The combination of a theoretical approach to traditions of Russian national pictures brings new and unexpected stylistic results. Binding subject of compositions is the love and sex.
All pictures are excuted in styl painting on a hardbord with the constant size 12280.
On this page B.Mokrousova''s song on M. Isakovskogo''s words "The Lonely accordion" in George Abramova''s performance, on which motive the picture being prompt to a picturesque cycle under the name "With a song on life" is written sounds. So traditionally referred to song''s collections of recent time. And main the hero, as rural Orfeus invites in infinite musical travel on time.

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